Penn Medicine Bioethicists Call for Return to Asylums for Long-Term Psychiatric Care

As the United States population has doubled since 1955, the number of inpatient psychiatric beds in the United States has been cut by nearly 95 percent to just 45,000, a wholly inadequate equation when considering that there are currently 10 million U.S. residents with serious mental illness. A new viewpoint in JAMA,written by Dominic Sisti, PhD, Andrea Segal, […]

Penn’s Joshua Plotkin to Receive 2015 Akira Okubo Prize for Mathematical Biology

Joshua Plotkin of the University of Pennsylvania has been named winner of the 2015 Akira Okubo Prize, awarded jointly by the International Society for Mathematical Biology and the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology. The award committee granted the award with “great enthusiasm,” noting that, “Plotkin’s research achievements belie his young age.” The prize is given […]

A Message to the Penn Community

A Message to the Penn Community From Amy Gutmann, President Vincent Price, Provost In the past year, we led a comprehensive review of the University’s protocols for responding to complaints of sexual violence. Finding the best policies and procedures for complaints of sexual violence is a matter of the upmost importance for every university in […]

Hostesses? In 2015?

A high-profile rape trial involving two former Vanderbilt University football players has put the spotlight back on the deep-rooted practice of using “hostesses” to help recruit prospective football players. Defense lawyers have asked several witnesses about the use of female hostesses for recruits and suggested that the woman who has accused the players of rape helped in recruiting […]

A Day Without Adjuncts

Adjuncts sometimes say they make up higher education’s invisible class. So an idea pitched on social media a few months ago struck a chord: What would happen if adjuncts across the country turned that invisibility on its head by all walking out on the same day? National Adjunct Walkout Day, proposed for Feb. 25, immediately gained support, […]

Migrant College Students Face More Stress Than Their Peers, Study Says

Recent federal policies to limit deportations and state programs to expand financial aid have benefited college students who entered the country illegally, but those young people still face emotional, educational and money problems, according to a new national study by UCLA researchers. The report found that those students — often brought to the U.S. as children — […]

County Council Approves Contract for New Radio System

In a unanimous decision, Erie County Council has approved a new $1.3 million contract for the consultant firm that is helping implement a new countywide radio system for emergency workers. MCM Consulting Firm has been working on those plans.  They now have three to five years to implement the new system. “MCM has done a […]

Companies Shell Out Record Dollars for ‘Big Game’ Ads

ERIE— Putting together an ad for Sunday’s big game is no simple task, especially when you’re paying $4.5 million dollars for each 30-second spot. “During the Superbowl, there’s a large number of people that only watch for the ads, which is suprising, but people like to talk about the ads on social media and that’s […]

Warrants reveal details of McStay family murder investigation

Sharon Chen San Diego, CA — A judge Friday unsealed some of the search warrants from the investigation into the deaths of Fallbrook residents Joseph and Summer McStay and their two young sons. “I’m going to proceed because I do think there is a real interest in the public knowing what this is all about,” […]